Saturday, 28 May 2011

Good times.

Hey, I ain't posted in over a week so sorry about that. But shit is going good, finally. Haha.

Got myself some Technics 1210 which are great. I have a pair of Shure Whitelabel styli and carts on which sound great too! Will have to take a picture of my set up sometime and post it up. :)

I've finished my last exam which feels like a relief as I've had a really tough couple of months! Been quite ill and with exams and assignments coming left, right and centre. It's been pretty shit!

I have an MRI scan today too which will hopefully find out what is wrong with me! Interesting!

Anyways, I'm in a fairly good mood so think I'll enjoy it while it lasts. :)

Peace and love. xox


  1. Welcome back and it sounds everything is going swell!

  2. Good luck with the MRI!
    Hope things are okay. :)

  3. Out to you bro. Glad to know things are looking up. You can be sure I'm mad jealous about the 1210s. Now I've finally got myself a job, I reckon I'm gonna have to start saving for a decent DJ setup.

  4. Appreciated guize!

    MRI scan went well. I do think I have a small case of claustrophobia however. Haha!

  5. glad youre back on the positive vibes!

  6. btw i just bagged a set of 1210's myself, so stoked.

  7. Good times indeed man! \o/